The main focus of my work is therapeutic conversation combined with elements of body and music therapy and meditation. In addition to alleviating or eliminating symptoms, it is often a matter of clarifying conflicts and unclear inner states and activating inner possibilities and forces.

As a doctor, I prescribe the appropriate medications of conventional medicine if necessary. In the case of special disorders and symptoms, I refer the patient to specialized institutions for clarification or further treatment. You can find out if there are any therapy places currently available. As the usual consultation lasts a relatively long 50 minutes, the capacity for new patients is unfortunately quickly exhausted. I don’t keep a waiting list.


Many people are interested in my website with the question whether for themselves or for people close to them the therapy with mind-expanding substances (also called psycholytic or psychedelic therapy) would be a possibility and whether one can register for it with me. Here is some general information.

I receive a lot of requests, more than I can adequately answer. I’m sorry to hear that, but my capacity is not sufficient to accommodate all requests.

I can’t take any new requests for treatments.



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