LSD based study by the University of Basel

We emigrated to Switzerland with sacks and bags. Dog, child and husband came with me when I took on a new job. The beginning in the new country was definitely hairy. Completely occupied with my job, my husband had to take over the logistics in the background.

He signed us up, made sure the new account was up and we were online. Our child had to gain a foothold in the new school and our dog needed regular walks. In all the hustle and bustle, we didn’t notice at first that my husband had not only packed his good shoes and the bookshelf, but had brought the Depression with him in his backpack.

We only noticed that when he was feeling really bad. Everything around him was busy, spinning and he stood in the eye of the hurricane and saw no more light.

We had tried so many things. His chronic illness means that he had to get out of work much too early and lead the unwanted existence of a househusband. In order to improve health and bring positive energy into our lives, we had rang the bell of therapists, had completely changed our diet and then changed it again, had thought positively or tried to meditate. Nothing really helped and there was always hope: This time it will definitely be better, if not physically, then at least with a better mental mood.

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