It’s time

I close my eyes, open them again, and the colored wooden blocks on the wall slide into each other, moving fluidly and making me suspect that this is real. From my floor seat on the mattress, I venture a glance in the direction of Monstera. She is really big and grows almost to the ceiling. Standing there in the corner, she takes notice of me and deforms a leaf into a piranha. She waves it at me, looking for contact. I’m not going to let this plant scare me. Let her mold monster fish, I know she is actually friendly and wants to welcome me.

Then I turn to Markus, who has settled down on a club chair and is waiting with me. We communicate briefly and he informs my wife, who now also knows that she has to pick me up in the evening after an LSD trip. We’ll start with music. Markus has Enya singing and I feel like the heavens are opening. Only angels can sing like that. This is what it must be like when a deaf person hears sounds for the first time in his life. I hear and know that my hearing before was nothing compared to what I perceive now. Even today, many months later, I have no words for the experience.

Even the best speakers in the world can’t even remotely produce this sound I’m hearing. I can feel and hear music. All my senses are listening. Every single note bubbles through my bloodstream, makes me melt into the sound, lifts me up into other spheres, gives me undreamt-of experiences.

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