On this page I would like to share my experiences with Verum (LSD) and how it has affected my life. I was given the verum in a supervised trial.
This site is not intended to encourage anyone to “explore” LSD, or any other substance, on their own.

Set and setting are very important factors

Rather, I want to post my own experience and make a contribution to point out this kind of therapy, which has changed my life for the better.

Here I would like to thank again all those involved in the study, especially my companion Markus, who motivated and inspired me very much and always had an open ear for me, and of course Dr. Peter Gasser, without him none of this would have been possible.

Through my interest in this topic I got to know Jascha Renner (so far only via the Internet) and I find his contributions very readable. Thanks for sharing some of his posts here on the site. All contributions by Jascha and Isabel Dobner are marked with “JR” logo and guest contribution .

Maybe there are still former study participants who would like to post their story here and contribute their part to give hope to other people.

Remember, no selfies please.

No requests for the procurement of substances

No links to internet shops or shops that sell substances

No requests for the production of subtances of any kind

A friendly tone

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