The first appointment with substance

The journey by train to Solothurn was already an experience in itself. So much was going through my mind; so many ups and downs; so many questions with no answers. And the closer I got to my destination, the more my stomach cramped.

Arriving on time, I now sit in the morning in a bright room with high ceilings. Curtains in front of the windows provide privacy, the carpets on the floor absorb sound and their red colour is reminiscent of the beginnings of psychoanalysis. Freud also liked oriental carpets, as one can still see for oneself in Vienna today. On shelves found objects from beaches, shells, stones. A few foliage plants – including a diligently growing monstera – are scattered around the room. Right next to the door you will find a dainty sofa inviting you to linger. Two club chairs are ready. Attached to the wall, a wooden color wheel that glows in all the colors of the rainbow. The middle is free.

So there I sit, my eyes wandering, and I realize this is a place that invites soul wandering. All the objects in the room are placed so that the ego discovers ways of association and ventures down new paths of thought in contact with a therapist.

There is a mattress ready on the floor. This seems a bit strange, but I was told that after taking LSD, the body is at its best while the mind travels.

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