Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy


The Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy was founded in 1985 at the suggestion of Peter Baumann, MD. The statutory purpose of the Association is to make psychoactive substances useful for psycholytic and psychedelic procedures accessible for practical psychotherapeutic use, to control their handling, to stimulate their further research and to offer the theoretical and practical training necessary for their handling. Today the association has about 60 members, mainly from Switzerland and Germany.

From 1988 to 1993, five therapists of the SÄPT received an exemption from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) to perform psycholytic therapies with the substances MDMA and LSD in their practices. During these five years, approximately 170 patients were treated, who underwent a total of slightly more than one thousand full-day sessions. The predominantly positive results of these treatments were described by Peter Gasser in a follow-up study (Gasser 1996).

As part of the research project Ritual Dynamics and Salutogenesis in the Use and Abuse of Psychoactive Substances (RISA) at the University of Heidelberg, the therapists involved during the grant period were interviewed about rules and standards in psycholytic therapy and the results were published in a book (Jungaberle et al. 2008).

More recently, and as part of the global renaissance in psychoactive substance research, SÄPT co-sponsored a study with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) on MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for chronic post-traumatic stress disorder and another study on LSD-assisted psychotherapy for individuals with anxiety symptomatology associated with life-threatening illness (Oehen 2013; Gasser, 2014/2015)

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